Sunday, March 6, 2016

Why Preachers, Teachers and Writers Are Often Misunderstood

If you have ever tried to speak, write or share with groups of people, I am sure you have been misunderstood. It is especially difficult during these elections.

All a Republican has to do is say something like, "I think we need to care for the poor" and a thousand people scream at him, "YOU RINO PIG!!!"

If a Democrat says, "I hope we can reduce the number of abortions" and the mob cries for the person to be aborted.

Once upon a time I had a poorly listened to radio program on which I attempted to speak frankly about the need for Christians to stop telling wild urban myths as the gospel truth! Station WAKW received letter swearing that I was secretly selling drugs to kids in Cincinnati because I hated the Bible!

Enclosed is a video that explains why public speakers are so often misunderstood. Listen carefully to the woman who calls in to the radio program asking for the hosts to assist her in the new crusade of the day.

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