Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Healing as Novice

Back in about 1972 Karen and I were chin deep in ministry to college kids. Our home had become a "City of Refuge" where dozens of mostly young people gathered for worship, Bible study and Prayer for healing.

Both of us had come to faith in Christ and grew up in churches that emphasized God's word but rarely if ever prayed directly for people to be healed. As one of the Pastors said with his tongue placed squarely in his cheek, "Oh,yes, we believe in praying for the sick we just don't believe in asking for them to be healed."

Now we were involved in the Jesus Movement that taught and practiced prayers for healing. NOW! I can see why so many Pastors refrain from teaching about healing and rarely ever practice it. Much of the time the sick do not get better and that is embarrassing.

If you preach about healing almost everyone will show up and ask to be healed. Until you start praying for the sick it is impossible to understand how many people live in pain and discomfort. Almost everyone is a problem, has a problem, lives with a problem or makes problems. 

I tried yelling, crying, shouting, shaking and everything else trying to get the Holy Spirit to show up and keep me from being embarrassed.  I named it and claimed it and blabbed it and grabbed it to no avail. It did not work. I had to admit it. Only God can do  miracles.

Although few were cured or physically changed, almost everyone felt God's presence and were blessed that we loved them enough to hear their pain and pray for relief. God did show up but God is not my servant. God does what God pleases.

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