Friday, March 11, 2016

Good Rules for Great Group Growth

I learned a lot about the ways to develop healthy groups when I was in grad school. Group dynamics was part of my training. But I learned even more when I was working with Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore.

It was a Cell Group Church that was focused on small groups as the core and key to church life. They organized almost everything around the group and developed an order for the groups to follow so it had a better chance to stay healthy.

I call this a D Group or Design Group. It follows a process designed to keep the people focused on the healthy lives of Cells. A cell makes up the entire body of every life form, including the Body of Christ. To stay healthy the cells must operate on certain rules.

1. It must multiply
2. It must differentiate itself from other cells but stay close
3. It must eat
4. It grows slowly with a certain order.

A Church Cell Must follow the Same Rules so see my book, Healing Souls, Touching Hearts.

Gary Sweeten
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