Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Practice then Performance

Why do professional golfers still practice?

Practice take ten times more effort and action than the actual games. Every time they practice they do the same things over and over again. In basketball it is:

Setting Picks
Free Throws
Jump Shots
Driving to the basket
Wind Sprints
Defense, Dribble, Pass

if a player forgets those simple things the game will be lost. When do Christians practice the basics of our faith? How can we practice? With daily:

Hearing a confession
Declaring others forgiven
Witnessing to family, and friends
Leading a Bible study and discussion

Why do so many of us fail to practice with a coach/mentor before performing? What leaders can coach his/her players in the basics of Christianity? It takes practice to hone those skills.

Can most do more than lead a Pep Rally?

At Sweeten Life Systems, Inc., we train Christian leaders how to coach their people.  We equip them to "Build a Lifetime of great relationships in the fruit of the Spirit!

Want to see churches and people grow and expand around the world?

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