Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Favorite Worship Music

Each of us prefers different styles of music in church because we grew up with different musical styles in our society. I grew up in a small village where Country and Western music was the preferred style in society but it was not my favorite. I preferred Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues.

Neither of these was popular in my church. There we sang the old familiar revival hymns and choruses. After meeting the Holy Spirit in 1958 those hymns came alive in me because I finally understood their deeper meaning.

Later Karen and I moved to Cincinnati where we were involved in the Jesus Movement and lapped up the blend of Contemporary Christian Music and the heart-felt choruses that grew out of the JM.

Finally, we were on the staff of College Hill Presbyterian Church that had great choirs and great organ & orchestra music along with hymns and choruses. What has influenced your Christian musical tastes? How have you changed? What facilitates your meeting God in worship?

Send in your lists.

Gary at Sweeten Life Systems  

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