Friday, March 11, 2016

CNN Reporter Blames Trump for Her Kids Behavior

It is hard to believe that the mother of growing kids who diss other kids at school is blaming Donald Trump. And, she did it while interviewing the star of a horrible TV show!

Ashley Banfield said her TV is always on and the kids hear Donald Trump insult others so they do too. She cannot turn off the TV or teach her kids about good behavior. NOPE! It is the fault of a businessman turned politician.

YIKES! As a teacher I was blamed for a lot of things but never for allowing kids to watch bad TV shows! It is like children on Ivy League schools complaining about micro-aggressions when other kids are starving, wars are ongoing and poor kids in the USA cannot afford any college. Those are complaints of the pampered and protected.

Are helicopter parents to blame?

Juut show some courage and do what adults are supposed to do. Send your kids to th inner city to help ki that have already needs.

Gary Sweeten
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