Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Good Growth Groups

I was in a European country teaching on the Six Key Elements of a Successful Christian Group just before the Pastor resigned. The Elders had gotten mad at the Pastor because he tried to train them how to set up an orderly group with discipline and focus. That meant some people were not going to be allowed to dominate every group meeting. 

The Elders were so "Filled with mercy" that they rebelled at the idea of setting boundaries for undisciplined group members that wanted to talk all the time and be the center of attention. That is not mercy but a fear of criticism. We call it "Co-Dependence" in Recovery.

The people moaned, groaned and complained so much that the Pastor took another job. Before he left he asked me to cover the basic dynamics of a healthy small group. As I went over the processes, one of the Elders exclaimed, "No wonder all our groups fail. We violate every rule."

I hear that complaint over and over as I visit with Christian leaders who want to set up small groups. Most just can not establish any boundaries. Unfortunately, far too many Pastors and Leaders dislike order and so they get chaos, discouraged members, and a lack of growth. 

The next time I will cover the basic dynamics of a healthy, successful growth group. If you prefer chaos, do not read my posts.

Gary Sweeten

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