Sunday, March 27, 2016

Power of Forgiveness

The Wall Street Journal has a good article about forgiveness that can reach many unchurched people and Christians during Holy Week. It mentions how many older people, especially females, suffer from depression but that being forgiven sets them free.

As a Minister and Counselor it has been my experience that many sad, anxious and depressed people suffer from a lack of good teaching about the value of gaining a clear mind and a clear conscience.

Why do so few Churches teach about confession and forgiveness? It might be because few Protestants actually have tradition of interpersonal confession. Despite its grounding in the Bible, I have rarely heard it taught or seen it practiced in my 7 decades of church attendance. And, we know that most church leaders hate to change even if God tells them to change.

"Why do you call me Lord, Lord and refuse to do what I tell you". Great question.

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Gary Sweeten

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