Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prayer and Meditation Heals the Body and Mind

I have struggled with high blood pressure. At one time I was dizzy and saw spots before my eyes so I took my BP with the Kroger Home BP kit and it was almost 190 over 80, as best I remember.

That is scary!

I was scared.

I called my Doctor and went through a bunch of tests. Now I take medications that help me but I learned how to pray and meditate so that the BP goes down without more meds.

I first sit down and relax.

Next, I take deep breaths. This relaxes my chest and calms the nerves.

 I Yawn several times. (YAWN? Yep, I Yawn.)  This brings a lot of oxygen into my system so I am getting calmer.

Then I begin to praise God and offer myself to the Spirit. I focus on a passage of the Bible and breathe deeply as I focus on the Bible.

That is enough for now. Try that process and see what happens. It is enough to bring my BP down several points.

Gary Sweeten

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