Monday, March 28, 2016

Why Is Christianity Stronger than we Thought?

The article I posted last suggested that, despite our perceptions, faith in God and Jesus Christ seems to be vigorous and healthy in the USA. I wonder why we are so surprised. Let me guess. Please add your own ideas.

Statistics about church attendance count every denomination and congregation. That includes many old line churches that are dying so the stats may look different than they really are.

Church history seems to indicate that two factors are important in promoting Christian or Church growth.

1. An emphasis on the Fundamentals of the Faith. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Changed lives morally and ethically to match the new life Christians have in Christ.

2. An ability to change with the cultural shifts in music, attire, means of communication, language and styles. New generations require new music and new ways to dress and communicate.

Key Point: Growing churches must have modern ways of meeting people where they are without losing their strong commitment to the fundamentals of the faith. 

If either is lost the church will die.

In today's world, styles and communication can change rapidly so churches must change rapidly. 

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