Wednesday, November 29, 2017

As a Christian Counselor I have listened to many stories of shock, trauma and abuse from both males and females. The issue, IMO, is a lack of personal relationships that are open, genuine, and private, if not confidential. I focused almost my entire 40 years of professional work on equipping Peer Helpers to provide careful, caring, confidential counsel. Until a multitude of churches equip Helpers to do that, the shock, trauma, and abuse suffered by so many members, the pain will stay stuck in the subconscious and bring more havoc on generations of people. 

Ministers cannot and ought not try to counsel everyone and it is impossible to hire Clinical Counselors for every issue because costs and availability are prohibitive. Plus, it is not necessary. 

We ought not focus on "Mental Illness" because that term is a big barrier. It causes hurting people to hide rather than seek assistance for shock, trauma, or abuse. 

The very best way to help individuals and church groups become mentally, relationally, and spiritually healthy is to "Equip the saints to DO the ministry of healing and renewing the mind."

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The books Breaking Free and Power Christian Thinking for teaching on how to heal hurting hearts. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Making and Keeping my Money

While arguments in DC about taxes and spending keep us confused, there are many ways we can keep the money we make. Even if the GREED CATS in DC refuse to reduce our tax rates, we can do more with what we have. 

Richard Thaler just received the Nobel Prize in Economics by writing about money in very practical ways. Mainly by telling us how to KEEP the money we have by saving smarter. 

This link has some very interesting articles and book about making and saving that smart people are already practicing. I have done some of these things for years even though my income in ministry has been small in comparison with others. However, by smart investing, and saving a little at a time we are doing very well in retirement. 

I hope Christians will become wiser and better at both making and keeping and donating their resources to ministries that follow Jesus Christ. I have a personal as well as a charitable desire for this to happen. First, my Christian non-profit depends on donations small and large to survive. Most of them are small but some are quite large. We are thankful for both. 

Second, I read about billionaires with evil intentions donation to evil causes. We need Christians to support the many positive causes led by believers. I pray that God will raise up many rich, Christians so they can support great charities. 

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