Sunday, March 13, 2016

Raising More Strong Men and Women

I just heard a podcast that discussed helicopter parents. The people said that one of America's greatest Generals ran a large section of the family farm at age 8. At age 12 he bought and sold horses and livestock!

No helicoptering in that household.

The General was US Grant, the man that defeated Robert E. Lee and won the Civil War.

If you want strong ad strong adults we must rear strong kids that are independent. We will not go back to those days but we must stop treating kids like orchids in a hot house who can't even walk to a school bus a few blocks away.

The fears of modern life are greatly overblown. Resiliency is important as is independant thoughts. When adults in college complain if they have to read about violence or sex we know that they do not belong in college but raising cows and horses on a farm until they build some inner strength.

Gary Sweeten

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