Saturday, March 12, 2016

Defeating Poverty with Responsible Groups

                             Creativity and Innovation by Poor People!

How can we stop feeding the beast that eats money spent to reward more poverty? The War on Poverty has been fought for 50 Years and the results are clear; "It has spawned more, and more poverty." 

So, is the War on Poverty that President Johnson and his political friends set up in 1976 really working? Yep, if the goal is to advance poverty, create more poor people and build a huge governmental bureaucracy that no one can understand or manage, it is a huge success! But if we want to stop the terrible cycle of poor people stuck in poverty, then it is a miserable failure.

The Wall Street Journal reports that uncoordinated poverty abatement programs expend an average of $78,000 annually for each family of four in poverty. 

Who benefits from these wars? Not the poor and needy. It has only one real beneficiary: Politicians and their friends that receive all the funds to fight poverty.The more we support poverty programs or any other programs the more they grow.  

Why not just give $50,000.00 to every poor family in America? It would be much cheaper and much more efficient.

My Ideas;

1. Poor people are not dumb or stupid. They can learn, grow and change.
2. Organize groups of them to come up with ideas to take care of themselves.
3. Pay them for every good idea that they come up with and implement.

a. Find land on which you can plant gardens. Plant a garden and harvest the food. Fix and eat the food.
b. Support your kids in school. You will get $$$ for every completed assignment.
c. Take classes to get better educated.
d. Volunteer to help others.

What suggestions do you have? Read about Positive Deviance!

Gary Sweeten

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