Monday, August 31, 2015

Science and the Bible

Scholars are currently recognizing that it was the Judaeo-Christian world view that led the west to invent science. No other part of the world could have done it because of their religious and or philosophical beliefs.

The Jewish/Christian Bible assumes that a rationally thinking Creator actually called the world and the universe into being. Since the world had an Intelligent Designer there must be an Intelligent Design.

Humans are created in the image of God (imago Dei) so we all have the ability to discover the Intelligent Design since we are also Intelligent. This belief led educated people, and they were few, to study nature including other humans.

Greeks separated Earth and humans from nature. They assumed that the sun, moon, comets, stars, etc were alive. Otherwise, how could they move around? They separate the spirit of humanity from their mortal bodies with the idea that only the spirit is perfect and the body is dirty.

Eastern Mystics thought the universe to mysterious and complex to be understood. Thus, mystical meditation was the road to dealing with life.

Almost every major early scientist in the 1300's onward were Christians. Many were clergy. Name a famous scientist and more than likely they will believe in God, creation and learning about nature leads us to learn about God.

My book, Healing release of the Holy Spirit focuses on how our world view impacts our approach to science and healing.

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