Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Bible and Psychological Science

Let's face facts. Most hard scientists don't consider things like Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, etc to be real science. Only math, chemistry, astronomy, physics, etc are scientifically based.  In many ways they are correct. The ideas and conclusions of Psychology have never been based on real scientific data but more on values, morals, religion and philosophy.

But what little research there is tracks very closely with the teachings and principles of the Bible. My last few posts have been based on research by Dr. John Gottman and his associates> They placed electronic sensors on couples to gauge how they reacted in discussions and arguments.  He can predict divorce with 90% outcomes if people attack one another. Of course, we can change but few that love to attack will change into caring people.

He saw that when a couple or family member argues, it affects the bodily response of the other persons.  It varies dramatically based on how their mate acts.

Discussions that are:
1. Contented and Harmonious: The bod responds with Stable Blood Pressure
2. Complaining Brings a Slightly raised BP and anxiety
3. Criticism raises the stakes and causes Greatly raised BP
4. Contempt brings on a Hyper anxious and spiked BP.

This tracks exactly with what Jesus taught in His Sermon on the Mount. How did Jesus know about the mental, emotional, relational and physical reactions of others to our behavior? 

Tomorrow I will show the exact correlations.

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