Friday, September 4, 2015

Politically Correct but Intellectually Dead

I have been thinking a lot about the ridiculous nature of the Politically Correct Movement. The last few days I read about the rush to outlaw all references to gender. The University of Tennessee hired a person to deal with sexual issues. Her credentials, as far as I can see, are little more than being confused about her own sexual identity! As a result she is determined to make everyone else confused.

One of her fanatical missions is to forbid any student or faculty member from referring to others as he or she. From now on they will all be ze. To a rational person this is unscientific and silly. It is especially galling that it is at a university campus. Universities have historically practiced freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom to do scientific research.

Several Ivy Leagues schools also seem to be falling into the trap of extremely irrational, hyper emotional, anti scientific, and Stalinist era speech codes.

Race and sex are especially volatile areas where some are rushing headlong into developing rules that are antithetical to a free society and will lead to more friction, conflict and violence. They will also lead to the persecution of the minorities they are designed to protect. When  minorities really tick off the majority, the reactions will be tough.

Once a society abandons their Jewish/Christian roots and its rational basis, everything tends to fall apart. 

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