Friday, September 11, 2015

Want Hell at Home?

I just heard of a Country and Western song. It has the lyrics:

Why would I want to kiss those lying lips that have chewed my _____________ all day?

That is what leads to divorce and bitterness for 50 years. Jesus says it will lead us to hell on earth and as a family counselor I have see a lot of very unnecessary hell on earth.

The fourth level of conflict is hard to stop. It is when we get so bitter and frustrated that we attempt to change our mate by attacking him or her viciously with CONTEMPT!

4.  Contempt:  Personal insult, shame mocking, character attacks.  Opposite of admiration and respect.

4.  The Result: High anxiety and stress. Heavy heart beat. Shallow breathing fight/flight response  hyper vigilant, brain freezes  Reactive and Extreme Fight or Flight!

One who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the hell fire. Mt 5:21-22 Character attacks cause severe emotional wounds.

Once it starts the downward cycle leads to death unless there is real repentance. Find a great therapist!! 

Read Humpty Dumpty and watch our videos. 

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