Friday, September 18, 2015

What Do We Do to Heal the Heart?

I stated last time that the foundation of brokenness in life can be summarized as Four Factors. I almost bought a house one time that had a crooked foundation. We knew something was wrong because there were cracks in the wall and some floors were not quite level.

The salesman attempted to assure me that they were only surface problems that could be fixed simply with a little paint and carpentry. However, I had a carpenter look it over. He knew about the importance of a solid foundation and he spotted the real issues quickly.

 "The foundation is broken and the entire house is sinking on one side. It can only be fixed by a major construction project that completely replaces the foundation."

Many writers that focus on human issues fail to deal with foundational brokenness. A little paint will not fix it. Shame is not a surface problem caused by being teased or bullied. The fear of transparency comes from shame not the other way around. The answers suggested to get rid us of shame are things like, "Stop bullying" or "Give everyone a trophy even if they fail" or "Just start being transparent".

If the problems are foundational, it will take a deeper and more basic answer. Who fixes foundations?

Get the book The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit to understand the foundational issues.

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