Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bene Brown and Other Experts Point out Human Pain

The Vicious Cycle of Poverty illustrates how "The Four Factors of Human Frailty" bring cause from generation to generation.

If you have ever heard Bene Brown speak or read her materials you will probably decide she is not only a great communicator but an insightful professional. I am not expert on her ideas but what I see I like.

My main problem with most of the presentations about Guilt and Shame from Bene and others is missing some thing. Like most people who write from a humanistic, non-theistic point of view, they start with current human frailties. To them,   individuals and families cause the Guilt and Shame Feelings we all have.

My professors nor current writers have insights into the pain and shame fail to look at the "First Cause" of Guilt and Shame.  In fact, they rarely discuss root causes but focus on symptoms rather than causes. Why do so many people act in ways that harm others and cause so much Guilt and Shame?

Let me say here that emotional, relational and mental problems, in every culture, society, religion and psychological experience can be boiled down to four basic issues.

1. Deep Brokenness of mind, body, spirit and relationships that cause unstoppable imperfections. Bondage/Disease

2. A lack of Identity about "Who we are in this huge universe".
Shame or Loss of Person hood

3. Patterns, habits and behaviors that hurt ourselves and others. Pride or Rebellion

4. A sense of failure and remorse about our lack of perfection. Guilt or Conviction

These are the root causes of all harmful behavior and the resulting emotional problems in life. If every human is tempted to behave in harmful ways, then every human being is harmed while on earth.

Why is every person on the planet beset by temptations to cause harm and thus be harmed by others? These are the root causes and there must be ways to deal with them. No model that fails to identify the roots and then align the answers to those root causes will be like a man that blows the seeds off a dandelion but never digs out the roots.

My book, The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit offers my explanations. See what you think. It might blow your mind.

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