Sunday, August 2, 2015

Loads are Lead and Stone

The passage that calls us to "Bear one another's Burdens" also tells us to "Allow and Encourage every person to 'Carry his/her own loads'".

Burden-Baros: A situation a person cannot handle alone. My car runs into a ditch and I cannot get it out by myself. You come along and refuse to help me "Bear my burden" by pushing with me to move the car. You violate the "Law of Christ's love".

Load-Phortion: A situation that is my responsibility to carry.  For example, If I do not want to do my math homework and ask you to do it for me, I am shirking my responsibility. If you do my homework for me, you have violated the Bible. It says we must treat people with the Golden Rule rather than the Lead Rule. That means we encourage people to "Carry their own loads (Do their own homework). Why does Paul say that it is important to carry our own load? "So we will feel good about ourselves".

Burn out comes from carrying loads for other people.  By carrying Loads we get worn out and burned out. It is not good for us or for them.

It treats them with Disrespect and a lack of Dignity. It communicates that a person is helpless and hopeless! That they are less capable than I am. It reinforces dependency and lack of initiative. It causes low self-esteem!

Tomorrow-Loads are Monkeys on my back!

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