Sunday, August 2, 2015

I will Take Your Load, Gladly!

I have always been a sucker for a sad story. Offer a sad excuse for failing to do your job and I would usually pick it up for you. Yep, I was a compulsive load carrier! I needed to be needed as much as the person in pain needed his/her drug no matter if it was food, alcohol, an abusive marriage, some  money for food, etc. Everyone could depend on me for great advice.I had answers for one and all.

I sinned early and often by misunderstanding the Golden Rule and Paul's admonition to allow others carry their own loads. But I meant well despite the fact that the Bible and good psychological research agree that doing things FOR others is harmful to them.

Have you ever met a person that knew how to "guilt and Shame" others into carrying their loads? Think of Tom Sawyer who famously got his friends to actually pay him to do his work! They painted the fence which he had been assigned to paint, as was paid by the other boys.

Tomorrow, more examples from real life!

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