Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Equality from the Perspective of God

                                    A Russian Family Wiped Out

Are we worse than the USSR in America?  Not even Stalin, as evil as he killed and dismembered babies and sold their organs like steaks. 

Berdyayev, a great Russian philosopher,  said that both socialism and religion emphasize equality. Religion achieves the equality ideal by promoting creation plus contact with God, the highest plane of human existence. (imago Dei)

Socialism, on the other hand, aims to demand equality by destroying all the higher aspects of the personality.  These include, love, kindness, mutual commitment, family life, sanctity of life, intellectual and financial achievement, motivation, self-esteem, etc. All are to be banished, rooted out with a viciousness usually reserved for mad dogs.

The Soviet Union was the first state to promote the elimination religion. They intentionally confiscated church property, ridiculed religion, harassed believers and propagated atheism in schools, government, science and universities. The persecution of religion was determined by state interest so few groups were completely outlawed, but anyone accused of having faith was blackballed and scapegoated.

"Stalin's Constitution was the best ever written," said one friend, "but no one even attempted to live by it lest they be hounded to death."  

Wherever Christian values reign there is the best great hope for equality, dignity, healthy living and opportunity. Here in America we have lived prosperously because of the Judaeo-Christian values we borrowed and built into the legal system. 

there have been glaring errors and tragic missteps over the history of America, but we know that they were wrong because they are contrary to the values we espouse. 

There are events and legal procedures today as well as serious abuses of power that need to be corrected. they will take time, energy and wisdom. We have made bad decisions before but there is a self-correction impetus built into our structure. 

I pray that is rises and puts evil away again. 

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