Sunday, August 9, 2015

Attacking Megan Kelly

His Reactivity led to the murders of many, many people.

I am frankly amazed at how many people attack the person asking questions rather than wondering why The Donald is so thin skinned. It seems that my colleagues in Family Therapy are correct in their analysis of our culture when the suggest that "The West is in a Regressive Period Emotionally".

This means, among other things, that masses of people are increasingly Reactive rather than Responsive to events. Thus, rather than coolly and calmly thinking about ways to Respond to a negative situation, we tend to "Over React" as though every event is a major crisis.  In my terms, if another person does something abrasive or rude at a level of 3.0 on a 10.0 point scale, we React as though our lives are threatened.  Examples are Road Rage, shootings over a minor insult and burning down half the city over a rumor.

Attacking Megan Kelly and looking for her past discretions so you can ruin her reputation is a severe Over Reaction. Cursing a person and threatening to fight them over noise at an outdoor concert is way Over Reacting!

Over Reacting indicates a serious inner dysfunction. People that get volatile over any slight or perception of an insult need inner healing. The admonition to "Turn the other cheek" is all about a Cool a Response not a Hot Reaction".

Megan, Brett and The gang may have asked pointed or even unfair questions but there is no excuse a candidate for President shows cool, calm leadership by name calling and threats. That is why I like a cool ambassador who will think carefully about war and peace, budgets and the economy, etc.

My book Power Christian Thinking can help angry and Reactive people cool it!

Power Christian Thinking

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Love your enemies, forgive them 7x70, and pray for them...

Love one another and in this way they will know you are children of God...

Our battle is not against flesh and blood (all humans) but against powers and principalities.

If you watch political debates, you will see many "powers and principalities" at work (including the networks themselves); just pray and look for them, then pray again.

Forever in His service and for His glory,
Dr. G :-)

p.s. If I want to change the world, it begins and ends with me.