Monday, August 3, 2015

Let Me Carry That Monkey For You!

A fellow I know, we will call him Mr. Wonderful, was so effective and so efficient that he was appreciated by his bosses and his colleagues. I anyone on his street or at work had a problem, he would swoop in and take care of it for them.

One day, he received a big promotion as a Supervisor of a team of ten workers. The first week he rushed around asking every one of his people how he could assist them. It was not long before they saw that he could do their tasks better than they so they started coming to him with their challenges so he could do the work for them.

One day in May when the sun was shining and the weather cool he promised his kids to go to King's Island in the afternoon. He was very excited about it because he worked so many hours he was rarely home.

Shortly after arriving at work, Joe Plumber came by and said, Mr. Wonderful we have a Monkey. The machine on three is not working well and I think you need to fix it." Mr. Wonderful jumped up and said, "Don't worry Joe, I will get right on it." He felt a sudden weight come over him and it felt slightly heavy but nothing he could not carry.

As Mr. Wonderful was walking to the machine Henry ran us and said, Mr. Wonderful, we have a Monkey crisis! the Copy Machine is jammed and we can't get the report out. You must come and fix it immediately." Mr. Wonderful agreed to un-jam the machine and felt the Monkey slide from Henry to his back, adding a bit of weight to his back.

Just as Henry stopped talking, Mary Jane and Martha spoke up with great anxiety and said, "Oh, Mr. Wonderful, you must come down to the lunch room and take care of a Monkey. There is a big fight between the cook and the dish washer". Mr. Wonderful hastily agreed to stop the fight but as he started to the Kitchen he felt another weight fall on his back and a bit o panic start in the pit of his stomach.

Joe saw Mr. Wonderful start to detour away form the Third Floor and said, "You are not going to neglect my Monkey are you? You promised to take care of it!" But before Mr. Wonderful could respond he received and urgent call from his boss who said, "Hey Mr. Wonderful, I am going to King's Island with my kids and I want the report I assigned you in 30 minutes before I leave. It is a huge Monkey I need to give to the Board of Trustees tomorrow!"

How can Mr. Wonderful get all those Monkeys off his back?

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