Monday, August 17, 2015

Self-Control or Toxic Emotions

People are explosive and seem to enjoy it. We read daily about the behavior of people who show no self-control and explode over small things. Just this week two football players got into an argument over a small amount of money and one sucker punched the other and broke his jaw. The puncher was fired and the victim cannot play football for several weeks.

The irony in the story is this: Both are multi-millionaires! The amount of money was small and it resulted in a huge cost to both men. It was lost because they could not exercise self-control.

According to many Family Therapists our nation is in a period of Emotional Regression. This means, among other things that adults do not act like adults but OVER REACT to insignificant events with emotional outbursts of anger, fear, disgust, resentment, etc.

On college campuses administrators are anxiously writing books telling the students and faculty they cannot use terms that might cause a student to have a negative emotional reaction. They call it a "Trigger Event".  Colleges have traditionally been places of open discussion and dialogue that welcomed debates about controversial issues. But today the Federal Government is requiring schools to punish without due process anyone that even utters certain banned words.


At peace with myself and others. I do not attempt to change what is someone else's responsibility. If the world or God has placed a load on your back, we call it a Monkey, then I will encourage you to carry it or throw it off. I will not attempt to Preach to you or grab your monkey away from you.

So, pray that I can be at peace and be content that you and the Lord can work it out. Ask the Holy Spirit to give me peace when I am disagreeing with people that are different from me. (That is about everybody I know!)

If you want to be contented, read Power Christian Thinking unless you really like anxiety and carrying the Monkeys God has given to others. That is your business!

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