Sunday, August 30, 2015

Predicting and Preventing Divorces

My last few days have been so busy it has been difficult to post. I served as a Minister last night in a wonderful wedding so the topic of divorce is relevant. In every wedding preparation and service I discuss the biggest challenge we all face in marriage and the simple things that most often lead to a divorce. Here it is:'

The inability to deal effectively with differences large and small!

The last several posts I went over the Stages of Conflict from Contented to Complaining to Criticism to Contempt.  Few marriages survive CONTEMPT. Character attacks of one spouse for the other.

A marriage can be Volatile and filled with controversy, Complaints and even some Criticism but few survive those awful personal attacks that combine Blame and Shame!

Remove all B. S. from your life or see your relationships collapse.

Get our materials to see how to communicate with love, mercy and grace.

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