Monday, August 24, 2015

Criticize Don't Apologize!

In the prior posts you have learned the great results of so now I will share my life of creating TOXIC CONFLICT by developing you ability to Criticize.  People love to Criticize! I loved it so much that I was in a continual state of walking, talking Toxicity. Let me count the ways!

It paid off for me. I was suspended from high school, refused admittance into Community College and several other great things like this. I was a real winner.

When Social Media came to the earth, many of us saw a great opportunity to use the skills of offending to new heights. Not only could we use the largely anonymous Facebook and Twitter but many people posted ideas that we found horrible to consider.

Politics, religion, sexual perversion, baking cakes, drug addictions, dysfunctional families and best of all POLITICS!

Each and every post and news story produces the urge for me to attack not just the ideas expressed but also the stupidity of the author or politician. Am I the only one that has these temptations?

Criticism on social media is bad enough but it really causes problems when we take our bad habits home to our wife/ husband, parents, children, etc. The inability to resolve our differences of opinion without CRITICISM and Contempt causes most toxic marriages and then toxic divorces. Anger, Bitterness and Rage are all the rage!

The urge and habit to attacking the people we love to get what we want  works. That TV Channel selector I attacked my wife over is mine all mine because my family kicked me out.

Remember my last post when I used Mommie and daughter Joanie as examples? When Joanie wanted more space from her mother Mommie tended to get hurt, angry and criticize the daughter she loves so much. Her Complaints turned easily to Criticism and personal attacks. The result? Joanie wants even more distance! the ploy backfires.

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