Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vulnerability and Fame

Why do so many people seek fame,fortune and beauty but find it empty afterward?

Whey do so few people who get plastic surgery still feel miserable?

Why do people like some politicians and Facebook posters attack others that disagree with them rather than come up with a cogent, rational response?

I think the answer is rather simple: Reactive people have a weak sense of identity that is the result of SHAME.

Guilt is the sense that I have broken God's Laws or Human Laws and that I deserve some punishment.

Shame is the belief that I am NOTHING. That I have no Identity and no Inheritance or future rewards. As a result, every real or perceived failure fits that Belief and reinforces my SHAME.

Shame filled people cannot stand anyone to disagree with them or point out a failure. They anxiously attempt to cover up and hide their weaknesses. They do everything possible to act like a Big Man On Campus or Big Woman On Campus.

No matter what they do it is not enough and as a result they fight, complain, attack and defend themselves. Some of the richest and most powerful people in the world still act like insecure teenagers trying to prove their masculinity, but deep inside there is no real sense of person hood.

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