Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why Does Trump Attack Others so Quickly?

Why would a rich, famous guy like Donald Trump attack everyone with whom he disagrees? Why does he resort to name calling, personal attacks, anger, bullying and whining if anyone, especially a female dares to ask a tough question or challenge his activities?

Because he is deeply afraid!

Fear begets a Fight/Flight Reaction. Fear as an emotion is healthy and given to us by the Creator as a safety factor. It is like the ejector seat in a jet airplane. When his aircraft is hit by enemy fire the pilot can hit the ejection button and, voila, he is away from danger.

The immediate, unthinking Fight/Flight reaction is built into our body and brain and kicks in immediately when we sense danger. In war soldiers can develop a "sixth sense" that alerts them of unseen dangers like an incoming rocket or a sniper they cannot see.

Historically God gave us the ability to run from a lion or climb a tree to get away. If we cannot get away we are able to summon almost super human strength to defend ourselves from  a lion's attack.

In contemporary society we rarely face such dangers but we may have the same panic driven fears when we sense our personhood is under attack. Extremely mature and peaceful people are secure in their identity and rarely REACT with a Fight/Flight Panic when questioned or challenged. However, an immature, insecure, person with a fragile ego panics in fear at the slightest indication of an attack.

This is SHAME based Reactivity!

The fear of being known.

The fear of being discovered.

The fear of being vulnerable.

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