Saturday, October 1, 2016

Girls and Anxiety

                                Girls can be Strong!

Everywhere I turn I read that teenage girls are experiencing more anxiety and depression than in the past. It was a recent headline in the UK as well as in the US. One comment that added to the mystery of "Why now?" was the note that kids from affluent homes were harder hit than those from poor homes.

There are many theories about why this is happening and so far it is a guessing game. Here is my theory.

Political Correctness is rampant, especially in schools and colleges. How do I reach that conclusion?

I listen closely to the discussions of young people and hear how fearful they are to be themselves because if they step over the largely invisible lines of the PC Bullying Shame System, they will be ruined forever.

PC Bullying Shame allows no one to survive! If you cross the line of misusing a person's gender, race, ethnicity, family structure, religion, personal symbolism, sexual practices, marriage preferences, parenting styles, political preferences, etc, you must be SHAMED and removed from society.

Teenagers, especially girls, desire to be loved and accepted. PC Shaming Bullies are all about REJECTING anyone that crosses their self made lines of total conformity. We all long for respect but PC Bullies specialize in Disrespect or Shame.

The PC Bullies say they "Don't feel safe when they see a Crucifix" so they use fake fear to spread panic and fear in society and teenagers suffer greatly from it because schools, media and politicians collude with the Bullies.

They refuse to allow free speech and free writing lest some PC Shaming Bully begin to shake and cry " I am afraid!" They might march and call everyone else a racist or sexist or deplorable.  Then the PC Shaming Bully Media will agree and anyone that is shamed must withdraw in abject fear.

If you want to raise Teenage Anxiety and Depression, keep on rewarding the PC Bullies.

If you want to learn how to develop a strong, peaceful, clear mind, get my books on Power Thinking. If you want to be anxious, listen to the bullies.

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