Saturday, October 15, 2016

I believe in Women's Rights

                          God Creates Humans in His Image

I am sold out to the need to protect and defend the right of women to pursue the same life and liberty as men. That seems like a big deal now because Hillary Clinton is running for President. Women's lives matter!

But I have a few questions about why some people are chiming in to fervently claim they are supportive of women's rights on some occasions but not on other occasions.

Maybe I need to tell you why I support the rights of all women and all men. It is simple: The Bible tells me that humans are special! Very special. The Bible says something
about humans that is unique. No other being has the distinction offered to us in scripture.

The Book of Genesis 1:27 says, "God made Adam and Even in His image and likeness". 

So what? Why is that a big deal?

Image of God means a lot of things, but perhaps most importantly that we carry God's image and likeness in and with us every day. We are special.

Second, it means we are Ambassadors of the God that created us. Wherever we go on earth we carry the special signet ring that proves we are representatives of the Creator.

Genesis says that both males and females carry the imago Dei. Those who harm or destroy women cannot say they follow God. If we attack God's Ambassadors we are not being faithful to the King who created them.

Support a ministry that liberates female

PS. Do you see why it was Bible believing Christians that liberated slaves in America? To keep slaves demands that we deny the Bible!

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