Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Women are Created in God's Image

What about those folks who do not believe in God the Creator? Can they genuinely say they think females have rights? What about the hard core evolutionists? Can they really promote the rights of females or anyone else?

Yes, if they want to borrow the language and terms of Christians and the Bible.  However, it is hypocritical and irrational to do so. Without a biblical basis we must depend on a secular, scientific argument that arises from evolution. That means the survival of the fittest so we must ask ourselves a question.

Who is the most fit?

 Once we decide that, we choose them to have the rights and allow the weak to die.

I know that The Declaration of Independence says that "All people are created equal..." but notice our rights are established by creation.

Without a biblical faith in Creation, helping the poor is irrational. Supporting minorities is irrational.

Since I believe in that all humans, regardless of creed, color, race, or nationality are created in God's and have as much worth as a billionaire or president.

The Pro Life people believe in women's rights, regardless of their age or place of residence. Babies that reside in my house have a right to life. Those that reside in my wife's womb also have a right to live.

Can Pro Abortion activists believe in the rights of women? Do they believe in the rights of some women who reside in special places?

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