Monday, October 3, 2016

Overcoming Anxiety

I see a lot of people who are anxious. My heart goes out to them. Some are anxious because they face a terrible situation. A sickness, loss of employment, danger or loved one with troubles. It is hard to have peace when that happens but it might be possible.

I was reading about anxiety and depression last week and was surprised that every single one said that anxious persons are Mentally Ill! We know that is not true. They say that all anxious people need Professional, Clinical help. They need a Psychiatrist medication.

Some people do need a Psychiatrist and medications, but not everyone. If the anxiety and depression interfere with you daily activities, then by all means see a Counselor. Talking to a trusted person is a very good and profitable thing. Here is Cincinnati we have Life Way Counseling Centers that do a very good job.

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