Friday, October 21, 2016

Evidence of the Spirit at Work

I mentioned a friend named Delores Winder this week. She lived to a ripe old age and currently resides with the King of Kings forever.

The Kingdom of God on earth needs many like Delores. There is so much sickness, disability, war and violence in the world that good people are wearing out and Delores had an amazing amount of energy to pray for people and see God touch them.

We met Dolores and Bill in Colorado in 1978 or so at a Presbyterian Renewal Conference. I did a session there that focused on inner healing and Christian Counseling.

Dolores and her husband were there and she spoke and prayed for anyone with any issue. A friend went to her session while she was in a very down mood. Her sadness and low energy had lasted for months so she was worried about another session of deep depression.

Just before the meeting started, Dolores said, " There are three people here with depression. If that includes you come up after I speak and you will get prayer."

My friend went forward and started to tell Delores what was happening. Dolores interrupted her to say, "Oh, you don't need to say anything, I already know the root issue."

With that she touched my friend on the forehead lightly and prayed for a few seconds. The sadness and gloom lifted immediately and never returned.

I saw examples of similar situations dozens of times. The sessions were low key and soft in tone. Every time I was with her God came with love and power.

One time I was standing next to her at CHPC with about 600 or so people in attendance. She bolted from the front of the sanctuary and made a beeline to a man we both knew who sitting with his wife about ten rows back.

She leaned over the man and said, " I know exactly what you sin is and so does the Lord. He is calling you and your wife to confess or God will bring disaster on you."

He was shocked and so was I. I had heard of his adulterous activities but Dolores had not. Not until the Spirit told her and she acted immediately. I fear he never repented and his wife never complained.

Come Holy Spirit. Ignite your holy fire again. We need your cleansing presence.

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