Monday, October 24, 2016

Can People be Christians in the Old Eastern Bloc?

Sure! It is in the Constitution.

So, what is the big deal?

Well, there are several big deals.

There are many things in a country that are technically legal but are rarely practiced. For example, it is "legal" in the USA to say what you think. Freedom of speech is one of the things that is guaranteed by the Constitution. So, what is the problem?

If practiced, a person can lose his/her job or be attacked verbally and even physically.

So technically, we have the "right" to speak freely but we do not have the ability to actually say some things lest we get severely punished. Try going on TV or radio and say you think some "Civil Rights" people are actually racists.

In Russia, faith is legal unless a person attempts to practice it. It should be a secret or be punished.

It is no secret that we speak clearly about our faith so you can support us at the link here.

Gary Sweeten

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