Monday, October 10, 2016

Vote for ?????

There is a lot of traffic on Facebook, Twitter and other social media about the election and for whom we should vote. I am not going to offer my opinion on that score.

I do wish to clarify what I think is a very important point for me. I am a Christian and base much of my political support, interests and financial support on biblical ideas. I attempt to figure out what scripture has to say about life, liberty and pursuit of happiness on my faith. The Constitution of the United States i an imperfect set of ideas and and ideals but it generally lays out a good way to operate the country.

My ethics and morals are based on scripture. Politicians base their ethics and morals on votes and personal preferences. In most instances if I agree with a politician it i because he or she thinks that supporting my views with get the most votes.

Most politicians do not base their ideals on the Bible. No one running for President now agrees with my ethics and morals. Do I vote anyway?

YES! I vote for politicians that promise to act somewhat closer to my ethical/moral/constitutional ideals than the others. 

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