Monday, October 31, 2016

Handling Differences and Remaining Friends

The election of 2016 has proven to be one that divides families, friendships, and churches to say nothing of politicians. The major candidates have been controversial.

I am also impacted by the pressure of this election. We all seem to realize that electing a President means sending thousands of people into positions of great influence even when they are not elected.

The Supreme Court is, IMO, a key to voting because the Justices serve so long and seem to be replacing Congress in making laws.

There are several ways to discuss these and other important but emotional issues.

Dictate the Answer: Try to demand others agree with my position. Anger is a frequent result.

Debate the Answer: Answers are rarely found in a real debate.

Dialogue the Answer: This depends on at least two people that respect each other, listen carefully and attempt to reach understanding even if we disagree.

We agree to disagree agreeably.

Deny the Answer: Just stop thinking and praying.

As for me, I prefer Dialogue but sometimes fail. Will you suppor a ministry that teaches people how to Dialogue? 

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