Thursday, October 20, 2016

Be Patient and Pray 6

We need to ask good questions to promote congregational thinking and ownership of the future. unity and mission thinking.

  • Will our walk with God change as a result of this program, proposal, event?
  • How does this proposal, program, help us accomplish our purpose?
  • How are we fitting our church to our mission and vision?

Use times of fellowship and discussion to promote thinking and bring out creative thinking. Formal meetings require some sort of order with a proposal, vote, etc. We need times when discussion can proceed without Robert’s Rules of Order. 

At one church we had a discussion, took a straw vote to discern the way things were going, and made a decision whether to call for a formal vote. If there was not a consensus we would assume we had not heard God clearly and postpone the vote. 

About 90% of all organizations do the same thing. It is the 10% that is done uniquely that makes the difference between the good and the bad. Peter Drucker:

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