Sunday, October 16, 2016

Do You Have Tolerance?

That which we tolerate as well as those things we reject are indicators of what kind of culture we are. Intolerance can be a strong indication that we are a good and sensitive people while Tolerance may show that we are depraved, uncouth and callous.

Think about that for a bit. 

These terms are always modifiers. They do not stand-alone. Yet, some writers use the term Intolerant to suggest those with whom they disagree are filled with hatred, evil and venom.

Intolerant toward Lies
Tolerant toward truth
Intolerant toward Evil
Tolerant toward good
Intolerant toward Dictators 
Tolerant toward Democracy
Intolerant toward Sickness 
`       Tolerant toward Healthy Living
Intolerant toward Slavery 
Tolerant toward Freedom
Intolerant toward Sin 
Tolerant toward Righteousness
Intolerant toward Crime 
Tolerant toward Safety
Intolerant toward Violence 
Tolerant toward Peace
Intolerant toward Poverty 
Tolerant toward Material Well Being
Intolerant toward Oppression 

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