Monday, October 31, 2016

Why Do So Many Mature Christians Leave their Churches?

                               My Home School in 1947

I just finished Church Refugees, a book that was written as a result of research on why so many long term members are fleeing churches. Despite their past faith and motivation they are bailing out of the churches they served in, supported and loved for decades. The book calls them DONES or Church Refugees.

 I call them Seasoned Believers. It is the largest cohort of people avoiding organized Christianity but not faith in Christ.

Take my survey and let us know what you think are the reasons.

1. Too much emphasis on money.
2. Too boring
3. I lost faith in God
4. Tired of serving
5. Pastoral Rejection of my Ministry Ideas
6. Feelings hurt
7.  I am too Busy
8. Church was not focused on God
9. Too many Pastor/Priest abuses
10. Other (You Add your two cents)

Brought to you by a Seasoned Believer that still believes in God, ministry and Christian friends.

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