Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Judgment from a Hidden Camera

Trump was hacked by a secret camera that recorded his fantasies about beautiful women. Some women were outraged and many pious, conservative, Christians were deeply offended.

In a former post I mentioned that the WIKI Leaks and camera hacks going on are similar to the Judgment Day when everything we have ever done will be revealed and shown on a giant video screen with Jesus sitting beside us as the final Judge!

My friend said, "Yes, but every thought as well as every deed will be revealed! It is bad enough that everyone will see my evil deeds but to think even my greediest and lustful fantasies will appear in living color is almost too much for me to bear.

YIKES! Even the most buttoned up,pious Christian will not leave that judgment unscathed. The Bible says, "Everyone has sinned and fallen short" in Romans 3:9-19.

Many years ago Jimmy Carter confessed that he battled "Lust in his heart". Many Christians were deeply offended to think a born again Christian could have carnal thoughts. Are you scandalized by Jimmy's confession?

Is it possible for everyone to sin and fall short of God's glory in thought and deed?

Would you like to have a microphone clipped to your lapel 24 hours every day and replayed on the 11:00 O'Clock News?

Someday all of my thoughts and deeds will be played for all to see. Where can I find the delete button? 

My thoughts do not let Trump of the hook for his fantasies or Hillary for her actions. I just want to point out that none of us could run for President if all our thoughts and deeds were on the news daily.

Both candidates are being stripped of all privacy in front of millions of people. Most of whom have no forgiveness in them. Thanks be to God for His grace and mercy, I can face the Judgment Day!

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