Thursday, September 29, 2016

Success in Life

Most of us want to be winners in life. The goals we have can vary tremendously from person to person but few of us want to win. I know people who want to succeed in business, leadership, education, sports, church life, family life, parenting, sales, preaching, writing, etc. What can be said about discovering the key to success in such varied fields?

That was the topic of a doctoral dissertation I did in 1975. Back then I wanted to succeed as a Counselor, especially to adults and college students. The classes I took gave us all kinds of theories for helping people. Although every theorist claimed to have the best approach, how was I to pick the best one to actually use?

Then I went to a weeklong seminar on "Outcomes in Counseling, Education and Medicine". Wow! I liked that title so I went down to Georgia and took the training. Here is what I discovered.

1. Every theory works about as well a any other theory.
2. The key to good outcomes is how well the Helper and the Seeker blend in working on solutions.
3. The Core Conditions of good counselors, good teachers, good nurses and good doctors are the same. People who exhibit the Core Conditions will see healing and growth in their students, clients and patients.
4. The Core Conditions are being genuine, respectful, empathic and warm.

If we want to succeed as a parent, husband, teacher, salesman, leader, counselor, pastor, or person, develop these four characteristics. My books and videos are all focused on facilitating these skills can be found here. You may want to take a look and see what you think.

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