Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Is Freedom Important to Americans?

The Constitution of the United States guarantees the citizens certain freedoms. The written part of the Constitution is very clear. The authors of the Constitution were fully aware of what it meant to live under a King that believed he rules by "The Divine Rights" given to him. The US Constitution wanted to guarantee that each citizen had rights that they did not have under a king.

The First Amendment

1. Prohibits any laws that establish a national religion or national church. They were reacting to the State Churches in Europe and said the US would not have such things.
2. Prohibits any laws that inhibits the free practice of a religion.
3. Prohibits any law that inhibits the freedom of speech.
4. Prohibits any laws that inhibits the freedom of the press.
5. Prohibits any laws that inhibit the right of assembly.
6. Prohibits any laws that inhibit the right of the people to petition the government for a change.

The Second Amendment

7. Protects the right to keep and bear arms.

These seven Rights are written plainly in our Constitution and form the basic foundation of our American distinctives. We are different from most nations. There are many attacks by repressive politicians who want to write laws attacking these freedoms and rights.

I have worked in countries that denied these basic freedoms. The repressors go by many names but they always promote things that inhibit these Rights. For example, politicians hate freedom of speech. They love laws that prohibit what they call "Hate Speech".

I hate hate speech but I hate laws that prohibit it even worse. 

Politicians that want to write hate speech laws are usually filled with hate and use hateful talk to attack those with whom they disagree. 

Hitler, Stalin, Mao wrote laws that prohibited speech they disliked. In the USSR, it was OK to be a Christian if you kept it a secret. 

But if you spoke openly about your faith it was considered to be "Hate Speech" so you were called an "Enemy of the State". You would lose your job and your children and grandchildren could never get an education or a good job. 

The first job of a Socialist was to destroy family, church and caring relationships. 

Do you see why the Bill of Rights is critical to our freedom?

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