Friday, September 9, 2016

15 Years Since the World Changed

It is 911 this Sunday. Do you remember?

It has been 15 years since I was preparing to teach on equipping Peer Counselors in Virginia Beach when we were asked to come into an office and watch the replay of an airplane hitting the World Trade Center.

A little later, after prayers for the victims, my class was interrupted with the announcement of a second attack. SHOCK!

I was stuck there for several days because every flight to Cincinnati was cancelled.

The day before the attack, my hosts took me to the huge Naval Base near their home. John and Larose Allman had spent years in the Navy and wanted to give me a tour of the awesome power of American Military.

But on 911 it was useless. A sneak attack went around the greatest Navy and Air Force and Army ever assembled.

Are we prepared spiritually and mentally to protect ourselves and our families from the wiley attacks of the evil one?

Four of us went to Ground Zero two weeks after 911 to minister to the First Responders. It was a very grim task to listen to men and women that had lost family members and family friends.

We still minister to hurting people. Pray for us.

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