Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What Happened in the USSR to Stop Christian Ministry

Last week I posted an overview of some of those challenges but allow me to add a historical view to explain why I am so concerned about losing our American freedoms. Go back and read that link.

Here is what the USSR did in 1929 to suppress Christians.

The main target of the anti-religion campaign in the 1920’s and 30’s was the Russian Orthodox Church.  Because it had the largest number of faithful followers and the most clergy it suffered most. Perhaps the most devastating event occurred not in outright persecution or killing but in a subtle act of the Central Committee. On April 8, 1929, the Party made the following decree.

You say you are not of this world. Well then, there is nothing for you to do in this world. That is why I forbid the church to set up benefit societies, cooperatives of industrial societies, to offer material aid to your members, to organize children’s and young people’s groups for prayers and other purposes, or general, biblical, literal or handicraft groups for the purpose of religious instruction and the like, or to organize groups, circles or sections; to arrange excursions, kindergartens, open libraries and reading rooms, organize sanatoria or medical aid. This forbids the development of all charitable foundations, Christian worker groups, and giving food, clothing and shelter to members. 

Can it happen here? Our work directly defends freedom of religion for all people. If you support us you might can help us out. 

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