Friday, September 16, 2016

Faith Brings Joy!

It is not secret that many politicians and people of influence do not like or appreciate people with a strong religious faith and practice of that faith. Some people even resort to calling them vile hate filled names.

Despite the resistance of many liberals in public office and media, a recent study by the Pew Foundation shows that people of faith have many more positive lifestyle traits than those persons with little faith.

The positive characteristics of faithful people over those of less faith are stated by the data to be:

1. Faithful people are happier.

2. Faithful people spend more time with extended family members. That implies a healthier family life.

3. Faithful people volunteer more to assist others.

4. Faithful people donate more to charities.

Does this mean that many politicians and media people do not want more happiness, more health in families, more people to volunteer, and more money given to charities? 

I do not know. What think ye?

You people of faith can donate to our charity by clicking our web link. You might be happier if you did!

Gary Sweeten

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