Thursday, September 8, 2016

Change! Can Addicts Actually Do It?

Addicts have been changing for as long as there have been people with problems. When I first went to Russia and other Eastern Bloc nations I was stunned by the high percentage of alcoholics/drug addicts.

Drinking rituals have a long history in the world which makes alcohol problems common. That is also true in Russia, but the extreme nature of drinking I saw after Perestroika was shocking.

Remember, true addiction has two components:

1. Pain that leads to Compulsive Drinking +
2. Pleasure that leads to Dependency

Many people are Compulsive users of drugs like alcohol, marijuana, or heroin in order to relieve themselves of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. They are Compulsive users. The best way to stop drinking or drugging is to find an alternative to pain relief.

Inner pain from emotional problems can be relieved with counseling, and building better relationships.

The spiritual issues behind Guilt and Shame can be relieved with receiving the love and grace of God.

In Russia, thousands of people are set free from Compulsive behavior through Christian care of the friends of Sweeten Life Systems. You can support them by supporting us at our web page. 

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