Monday, September 19, 2016

Fantastic Reviews about Sweeten Life

Why do I feel so badly? Can you give me some advice? Is my self anger out of control? Should I quit throwing computers out the window? 

It is always good to get feedback from our friends, students and clients. I especially like feedback when people like me. We recently received GLOWING feedback from all but one of our students.

I was wishing for 100% positive reviews but one student said," I did not like the lectures by Gary Sweeten.

I of course wanted to speak with him or her to find out what I did that was my problem. However, there were no added comments, just "I did not like the lectures by Gary Sweeten".

Shazaam! Right to the heart. Oh sure, every other evaluation was positive but guess which one sticks in my craw? Yep, that one negative review.

Then came my self assessment. "Am I so narcissistic that I cannot get even ONE negative comment without having an anxiety attack? " (Slight exaggeration!) So, all in all I am happy to get feedback that causes me to analyze what I am doing that can be improved.

How about you? If one person has a negative comment does it get under you skin? How do you handle it? Are you able to renew your mind and push those Automatic Negative Thoughts aside? At Sweeten Life we sweeten life. We take sour experiences and turn them into sweetness and life.

If you share these posts you can also sweeten the lives of your friends. Blessing others brings blessings to us as good behaviors are like boomerangs!

If we give we also receive. What a great blessing!

Thanks for listening. If you hit LIKE I might feel better and if you buy one of my very good books that is cheap and easy to order I might be healed. 

Oh, well. At least pray for me. 

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