Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Do You think we need "Safe Places" to speak Honestly?

I am fascinated by the student uprisings on college campuses demanding that speakers with conservative ideas be banned. Some also demand certain books be banned from classes and professors stop reading some authors who "trigger" negative emotions in students.

As an Assistant Dean at U of Cincy in the Sixties and Seventies we also had student uprisings. However, they focused on freedom of speech everywhere on campus. Now certain students want speech to be banned.

What a change.    

What do you think about banning speakers? If so,who?

Does the US Constitution prohibit banning uncomfortable speech?    

How about freedom of assembly? Should controversial speakers be allowed to speak only in a certain spot?

Should Christian Pro-Marriage and Pro-Life speakers be banned because they are controversial?

Are you afraid to speak up about your ideas?

If your alma mater banned speech would you still send them money?

Let me know what you think.

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