Saturday, September 10, 2016

Repairing a Broken World

The attacks and their terrible results can be a metaphor for us spiritually. How do we as Christians enter into and help repair a broken world? The nations of the earth are in a terrible mess with terror, wars, tribal conflicts and rogue leaders with nuclear weapons threatening Armageddon.

In past years the people of the USA called upon God to guide them but today it seems that Christians are weaker than ever and those outside the faith are rejecting God. Is it possible to actually impact the world?

Yes! I know it is possible because I have seen it happen in Russia, Albania, Romania, and China after the collapse of Atheist Communism.

For 70 years the USSR banned real Christianity, forcing Christians to operate underground. The same is true of China. This left them in poverty and the people in shock. Entire nations of people suffered from PTSD.

After the Wall came down, many Western Christians went to the formerly closed countries with the gospel. However, they made a great mistake.  They acted as if they were still at home with all our Christian ideals and biblical ideas.

As a result, 90% of the ministries failed and the western missionaries left. 

But one or two groups stayed and prospered.  How? They partnered with leaders of the Underground Churches and allowed them to lead the way. Most Western people are too aggressive, loud, proud, and shallow. They too often violated the traditions and values of the locals. Those who prospered were humble and careful to listen and follow the leadership of the local believers.

With traumatized people it is critical to bring salve to reduce their pain and fears. They have learned to mistrust leaders because they were betrayed by them so greatly. Thus, building trust is the first step. Trust takes time and and a genuine interest in people.

Trust is built on many small interactions where we show deep respect for the people and their cherished traditions. One large mission group wrote a long paper on why the Orthodox Church was evil! No wonder they failed! The disrespected an institution that was 1000 years old and deeply embedded in the culture.

If nationals want to criticize their institutions but foreigners are strictly forbidden from saying anything bad about the culture of another group.

It can take years of humble work to build trust, especially after it has been destroyed by evil people.

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